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Lori's Journal

Falling in Reverse

17 September
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I am a female, married with three wonderful sons. I work in the oh so stimulating home mortgage industry just until I become independently wealthy (yeah right). I enjoy playing the piano, sports, (especially ice hockey) and spending time with my boys. My 2nd love behind my children is dreaming about Jack/Ianto from Torchwood, my new love of Kevin/Scotty from Brothers & Sisters, and watching my favorite pairing of House/Wilson from House,MD. I love writing and reading fanfiction; especially slash. I've watched and own all 8 seasons of House as it's one of the best shows to ever grace TV. I also love the pairing of Jack/Ianto from the first 3 seasons of Torchwood (day 4&5 and series 4 NEVER HAPPENED). I've just started watching Brothers and Sisters but am already completely in love with Kevin Walker. Musically, I'm pretty open to almost anything. I love Blue Gillespie and Hugh Laurie Blues. My favorite artists are Gareth David Lloyd, Matthew Rhys, Hugh Laurie, and Robert Sean Leonard. I love talking to people in fandom as long as they aren't overly negative because real life is a bummer on it's own; don't need it in fandom too!